Thursday, 28 August 2014

Edinburgh wanders. Fringe 2014





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Edinburgh has its own very subtle festive atmosphere to it and there is nothing I can think of that can be compared to it, especially during the Fringe. With all the masses of people in the streets, performers wandering about, flyers being thrown at you, as if it's a first week of uni again and all the buzz, it is hard not to get lost in eternal hurry and madness of art. I keep proving to myself that festival shows is not my thing, as I am more of a conservative art lover and am always looking for positive message and sense, and peace.
While in Edinburgh we did see some shows, the photography exhibition, however, was a highlight for me. A tiny tête-à-tête space featuring images of Edinburgh and Paris was definitely a great start of a day. Images of two vibrant, so beautiful, yet so different cities in one exhibition create a perfect balance and very light mystery, as visitors might end up guessing which shot has been taken in which city. It might have been an exhibition, or maybe just the mood of the day that made me look at the buildings, locals rushing about and dusty windows instead of loud and tacky performers. After all it would not have been so great without a city and space for all parts of the festival to grow, perfect and develop.

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