Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Great days out: Tennent's Brewery Tour



Here is a fun fact about me: my grandma worked at the brewery and she is pretty damn good at tasting beers and picking the best stuff for family parties. I just love listening to her stories, jokes about first tastings, drunk times and how she gives random suggestions to young people while doing her grocery shopping. It was only a matter of time when I step into magic brewery world myself and see what is going on in there. My friend's 20th birthday was a perfect occasion and we made a day out of it!

Got our group together, made a booking and tried not to be too excited. But it's Tennent's Wellpark brewery tour, so why not? We got our caps and glasses, met our tour guide and started an adventure. The tour, that lasts approximately 2 hours includes interesting stories from Tennent's history, seeing indoors and outdoors brewery sights, checking out Tennent's Academy, getting refreshing complimentary Tennent's pint and oh, trying a couple more of nice drinks they make. Sounds awesome, doesn't it?



While originally Wellpark breweries were making darker beers, lager (aka white ale) idea came from Germany when Hugh Tennent went there for a recovery holiday. Sadly, he passed away before all lager making idea came in action. It was definitely a success though! There is a collection of old cans with their impressive designs in the T room and apparently old brewery staff was lucky to get some of this goodness while on a shift! The brewery itself is very big and beautiful space, with all the graffiti paintings on walls and fun images everywhere it definitely looks impressive. We got to see beer in production and experience the true brewery atmosphere (alcohol is in the air...). It is surprising how wide a variety of Tennent's production is. Not only legendary lager, but also a variety of export alcohol as well as... Tesco beer! (note to all those skin students out there!).



Tennent's Academy, running different food and drink classes is also a part of brewery and some of their offers sound like a pretty fun thing to go for. But once we have seen this last bit we rushed back into the T room for a pint and tasting. We tried Lemon T, Tennent's stout, Whiskey Tennent's and Tennent's Extra (9.3%) and those last two were clearly the winners! Some of them are not available in UK, some available in certain shops in Glasgow, but the whole tasting experience probably made beers taste even better than they are in real life. The space is perfect for socialising and chill time with TV screening old Tennent's adverts, tour guide pouring pints and answering silly questions and Tennent's Foosball table there! Student ticket price is 5 pounds, but the whole experience worth much much more.
Saying that I would definitely recommend this tour to a friend and anyone planning a fun day in Glasgow, really. It feels so good to stir things up a bit sometimes and go for days out like that, especially with a bunch of awesome friends.









Monday, 1 September 2014

Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis


I want to think that after 2 years in Glasgow I know the city. Fun places, fresh coffee, cheap  pizza, cool stationary shops - you know, the usuals. I might not go to all the places or have my well-formed opinion on them, but at least I am aware. I'd like to think that. But I am wrong again!
My flatmate was first one who told me about Necropolis and I was quite sceptical about the whole graveyard idea up until recently. It just happened to be a beautiful sunny day and us both lacking fun date ideas, so Necropolis it was. Subtle evening sun lightened it all up so nicely, we couldn't have picked a better time! He was telling me about all the people and their graves there and I was just enjoying stunning Glasgow views. There is something about Necropolis, so quiet and peaceful, but just 10 minutes away from city center buzz. Who would have thought?!



Necropolis_4  Necropolis_6