Monday, 1 September 2014

Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis


I want to think that after 2 years in Glasgow I know the city. Fun places, fresh coffee, cheap  pizza, cool stationary shops - you know, the usuals. I might not go to all the places or have my well-formed opinion on them, but at least I am aware. I'd like to think that. But I am wrong again!
My flatmate was first one who told me about Necropolis and I was quite sceptical about the whole graveyard idea up until recently. It just happened to be a beautiful sunny day and us both lacking fun date ideas, so Necropolis it was. Subtle evening sun lightened it all up so nicely, we couldn't have picked a better time! He was telling me about all the people and their graves there and I was just enjoying stunning Glasgow views. There is something about Necropolis, so quiet and peaceful, but just 10 minutes away from city center buzz. Who would have thought?!



Necropolis_4  Necropolis_6




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