Saturday, 4 October 2014

Come back post and tummies full of comfort food

Things have been super busy, fun, exciting and just that a little bit stressing recently. A couple of days ago, however, I had one of the best days in a while with all the things going well, lots of fun, laugh and nice time spent with my lovely peeps. So I thought, it is finally time to go back to blogging and recreate life balance. I've got loads of photos, ideas and plans to share! I am going to start with something very very simple, home-like almost, insanely comforting.


Merchant city is like a west end of city centre. With all the vegan places, art galleries and quirky vintage shops it has such a cool vibe to it, which makes me feel peaceful and very excited at the same time. I wandered those streets quite a few times in September - booking tables, having lunches, going to watch basketball games and just rushing about. One of the places I went to was Russian cafe and gallery Cossachok.


I can go on and on saying how beautiful this cafe/gallery is and how quiet it is inside and on and on and on, but true reason is that it makes me feel a tiny lil bit like home. We watched Lithuanian translation of basketball game, drank Lithuanian beer and had some comfort food. And while I am pretty happy living Scottish kind of life on a regular basis, once in  while it feels incredible to go to places like that!



In case anybody wondered, I had potato pancakes with meat and he had chicken dish with a very fancy name. And yes, those meals do result in food babies, but  I am not complaining!


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