Saturday, 25 October 2014

Ultimate hungover breakfast - Full Scottish


I have never felt the need to search for an ultimate hungover foods. Enough water and a good sleep was a perfect cure for any type of alcohol after-effects I have ever experienced. But then, I came to Scotland and was introduced to Freshers' Week, and tequila shots, and sambuca, and chips with curry sauce, and pints of fun, and even after-after-parties. Luckily for me, I was also introduced to a full Scottish breakfast - big, fat, delicious, meat-lover's meal.

I love how you can find it everywhere in cafes, airports and fancy restaurants once comes the brunch time. Most of the time though, I prefer just cooking it myself and adjusting in any way I want. The best part is, that every shop in the country, even the tiniest little one in the middle of Scottish nowhere, will most likely have some square sausage, bacon and freshly baked rolls.

Now, I don't know who was that genius, who decided to put million types of meat on a frying pan, add some beans, potato scones (all my international friends be like - what even is that?) and maybe a roll. But it really does wonders to your body on a dull, scary hungover day. Not only it makes your body so full that you can't think of any other meal for the rest of the day, or maybe even two, it also beats any nasty emotions or feelings you have or ever intended to have on that particular day. And yes, it does also taste wonderful as a non-hungover breakfast! What can be better?


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