Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Things we do in October

According to Tumblr October is all about colorful leaves beautifully falling on the nice paths in parks and forests, where glamorous girls go for walks wearing soft and cozy earthy-toned sweaters, probably holding paper cups full of pumpkin spiced lattes to warm their precious hands and souls. Simultaneously they are probably thinking about that wonderful apple and cinnamon cupcakes' recipe that they saw on YouTube this morning. They might even try it out while preparing for a cutest movie night with their girlfriends where they will also be doing face masks while vanilla candles will be burning in the background. I am yet to meet people who at least minimally resemble to lifestyle like that.
Meanwhile there so many things going on in October, almost too many to actually remember that autumn is also a season that we can enjoy and treasure.


I think October is the most beautiful month for letters, both writing and receiving, and then writing again. While everybody starts sinking into unbearable workload, deadlines and the realisation that new years goals whatever they might be, do not seem realistic at all anymore, it is more important than ever to share the love and appreciation we have for our loved ones. Whether it is runny nose, flu or seasonal worries, a handwritten dose of attention will brighten even the grumpiest day, while writing a letter is a therapy like no others. It is healthy to get it all out on paper, after all. Why not in October?

If you live anywhere like Scotland, October is probably your last chance to see bits of sunshine in the morning. It is your last chance to reset your inner clock and sleeping patterns, too! Whit nights getting longer and darker, the ability to wake up bright and early and get things done before your 3rd coffee a day will become a life savior, for sure.

Finally, October is the perfect time to start preparing for.. Christmas. I know Halloween isn't even here yet, but if you are one of those people extremely obsessed with Christmas you will know that it takes ages to prepare for Christmas, while Halloween preparations take, well, a day at most! Finding the right presents and having your choices set when sales and occasional offers appear will help you to keep your budget in order, while preparing party outfits and cookie recipes early enough probably result in you actually enjoying all the holiday buzz!

What do you do in October?

Patricija x

Saturday, 3 October 2015

September favorites/ 2015

September brought a massive change to the energy in the city. Nights got unbearably cold, streets got busier and all of the sudden fruits started tasting like plastic. I know, there wasn't really ever a summer here in Glasgow, so there is not much point of reflecting about the summer we left behind. Still, September felt very strange and unfamiliar, like a big old sweater that you haven't worn for a year and it feels a little bit too heavy on you.
And so I didn't think about it, overwhelmed myself with work, massive wardrobe clear out (not very successful), university preparation, new roles and parties. And it worked! I am the most content now, so let's talk about the month's favorites:

Picture - Crianlarich. Card - Trongate 103.
I adore mountains. So magnificent they stand and let everybody enjoy the views. Have you ever wondered that they might feel lonely, being tied to one place in the world for hundreds of years? What if they don't like their neighboring mountains and find them a little bit shallow or boring? They can't just go and talk to 'the fella over there with the hella good hair'. Yet they still remain calm and gracious (most of the time), let the foggy clouds cover them, rivers flow and people pad around and across them. Mountains empower.
Maybe printables were a thing in 2011, maybe they still are a 'thing', I am not sure. I  used September printable calendar and it helped me so much when arranging work, parties and meetings. If you have a problem of double booking then check the links for those pretty October calendars.

Kenzo Wild/ La Roche-Posay Serozinc/ Rimmel Salon Pro By Kate Nail Polish - 239 Red Ginger/ Earings from Malta and Italy

What helped you to get through September?
Patricija xx

Thursday, 2 July 2015

One day Eurotrip in Brussels

Here I say it: I don't like the idea of Eurotrip/Interrailing/whatever you call that thing visiting too many countries in too few days.
I love traveling and I love seeing a lot of views. Furthermore, that 3 week roadtrip that we organized with my family 2 years ago was probably one of the funniest things I can remember. Still, I believe you cant see, feel or taste country in a day and life is just too short for glimpses. 
Yet somehow the idea or Eurotrip is so hip and so on at the moment, years and years after the movie Eurotrip has been replaced with funny Facebook posts and blurry insta photos. And so I gave in.



We started off in beautiful Brussels, got lovely strangers to grab a photo of us with beautiful Grand Place and also checked out Berlaymont building. Then headed straight to Scandinavian countries, partied with vikings and rested at the harbour in Copenhagen.



I told Conor fascinating history of Baltic Chain, which, surprisingly, he has never heard before! I stopped to gaze at Vilnius University while Conor tried on true Dutch clogs.




What a bunch you say! Well, there is more to come (well, to see). We hopped to UK and I became Queens Guard for a day. And just as I had enough of that Buckingham Palace, he took me over to Paris and put a massive smile on my face. It's really not the Paris that is so lovely, just people who you visit it with! 

IMG_1737MiniEurope  IMG_1739MiniEurope

Then, it was time to travel down South, especially after Conor acquired the trade of winemakers. What a man he is! Just the one to look at the sunset with... from the footsteps of Acropolis in Athens.



So yes, I paid  €14,50 (Mini Europe) and crossed "Eurotrip" out of my list. After all, there is nothing wrong with taking things easy while abroad. Traveling is very personal and very often little pleasures and dreams are forgotten, because there is so much pressure and how-to's all around us. Sometimes all it takes, is just to change the way we look at things. I certainly did and now every time I see those pictures on Facebook and hear people sharing their summer plans, I know, I had my Eurotrip moment!


Saturday, 20 June 2015

When love brings you back

I would say I am pretty good at describing my feelings and emotions (especially describing them as vegetables), still 98% of the time my life is ruled by brain, logic, organization or even lack of it. If I cry, I do so due to the lack of time or energy, and not due to emotional imbalance in my heart. I know what I feel, yet so rarely fully immerse myself in it.

And despite that, there I was in a taxi at 4am on Tuesday morning, observing empty cool Glasgow streets while taxi swiftly drove past them without any traffic constrains. That moment I felt overwhelming love to the city. And while most of my friends don't share my excitement with Glasgow, there is something that drives me crazy. All its features: coolness in all senses, earthy toned buildings and simple people - all make perfect mix of what I adore. I live there and I love there and in weirdest moments like that one in the taxi, when heading to sunny holidays, it still fascinates me and takes my breath away. And so I decided to come back and share my love and my passion for Glasgow and all the other beautiful places for that matter, for life, for people. Because, if there is anything I do with my whole heart  and 100% dedication (apart from making lists, of course) is love. Unconditionally and overwhelmingly.


Ironically enough, I have spent loads and loads of time away from this charming current home city of mine, so plenty posts about travels in Europe will be shared here too! Stay tuned.