Saturday, 20 June 2015

When love brings you back

I would say I am pretty good at describing my feelings and emotions (especially describing them as vegetables), still 98% of the time my life is ruled by brain, logic, organization or even lack of it. If I cry, I do so due to the lack of time or energy, and not due to emotional imbalance in my heart. I know what I feel, yet so rarely fully immerse myself in it.

And despite that, there I was in a taxi at 4am on Tuesday morning, observing empty cool Glasgow streets while taxi swiftly drove past them without any traffic constrains. That moment I felt overwhelming love to the city. And while most of my friends don't share my excitement with Glasgow, there is something that drives me crazy. All its features: coolness in all senses, earthy toned buildings and simple people - all make perfect mix of what I adore. I live there and I love there and in weirdest moments like that one in the taxi, when heading to sunny holidays, it still fascinates me and takes my breath away. And so I decided to come back and share my love and my passion for Glasgow and all the other beautiful places for that matter, for life, for people. Because, if there is anything I do with my whole heart  and 100% dedication (apart from making lists, of course) is love. Unconditionally and overwhelmingly.


Ironically enough, I have spent loads and loads of time away from this charming current home city of mine, so plenty posts about travels in Europe will be shared here too! Stay tuned.