Thursday, 2 July 2015

One day Eurotrip in Brussels

Here I say it: I don't like the idea of Eurotrip/Interrailing/whatever you call that thing visiting too many countries in too few days.
I love traveling and I love seeing a lot of views. Furthermore, that 3 week roadtrip that we organized with my family 2 years ago was probably one of the funniest things I can remember. Still, I believe you cant see, feel or taste country in a day and life is just too short for glimpses. 
Yet somehow the idea or Eurotrip is so hip and so on at the moment, years and years after the movie Eurotrip has been replaced with funny Facebook posts and blurry insta photos. And so I gave in.



We started off in beautiful Brussels, got lovely strangers to grab a photo of us with beautiful Grand Place and also checked out Berlaymont building. Then headed straight to Scandinavian countries, partied with vikings and rested at the harbour in Copenhagen.



I told Conor fascinating history of Baltic Chain, which, surprisingly, he has never heard before! I stopped to gaze at Vilnius University while Conor tried on true Dutch clogs.




What a bunch you say! Well, there is more to come (well, to see). We hopped to UK and I became Queens Guard for a day. And just as I had enough of that Buckingham Palace, he took me over to Paris and put a massive smile on my face. It's really not the Paris that is so lovely, just people who you visit it with! 

IMG_1737MiniEurope  IMG_1739MiniEurope

Then, it was time to travel down South, especially after Conor acquired the trade of winemakers. What a man he is! Just the one to look at the sunset with... from the footsteps of Acropolis in Athens.



So yes, I paid  €14,50 (Mini Europe) and crossed "Eurotrip" out of my list. After all, there is nothing wrong with taking things easy while abroad. Traveling is very personal and very often little pleasures and dreams are forgotten, because there is so much pressure and how-to's all around us. Sometimes all it takes, is just to change the way we look at things. I certainly did and now every time I see those pictures on Facebook and hear people sharing their summer plans, I know, I had my Eurotrip moment!