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My name is Patricija and I come from Eastern Europe, little beautiful country called Lithuania, where I lived 18 years of my life. Those were wonderful years of friendly walks in the parks and streets, crazy family parties and wild summer camps of all sorts. It was then when I learned languages, felt in love with food and cooking and started obsessively taking pictures on my tiny sony camera. Somewhere in between reading crazy amount of books and growing herbs on my windowsill I got myself into wonderful blogging world where I shared beautiful tumblr images (it was all about those images back then!) and little poems that I found online and still cherish. It was nothing more, but a public diary read exclusively by my friends, one of whom did wrote anonymous "I love you" comment, and I still have no clue who it was. That blog is locked and blocked and hidden under many many passwords, but the blogging word still fascinates and intrigues me every single day.
 After I turner 18, graduated and passed x number of English language exams, it was me and my 20 kilos suitcase on a flight to Scotland, where I started a new chapter of my life. I cracked the accent, lived in halls and partied at all possible times of the week at the same time trying to be serious about the whole studying thing. I did Business (and graduated with it!) and Sociology, which was weird choice of mine I still don't quite understand. Balancing between chatty study friend (with all sorts of adventures she had!) and tight deadlines, crazy parties and recovery soup cooking with my bestie S, I eventually learned how to be an adult, and still completely obey that knowledge.
And then came January 2013, when I met a Scottish handsome and found extreme passion to explore Glasgow, Scotland and the whole world for that matter. I felt in-love and that made me extremely happy. It also made me free of judgements and worries and I went on road trip with my family that year not caring about those few kilos I gained in my freshers' year, my acne or my budget for the first time in my life. That was a crazy good damn holiday I have to say!
And what came after was a crazy mixture of hard work and studying, photography of events, people and architecture, traveling and spending multiple days at home in pyjamas, domino's, super-noodles and dinner parties, new friends and lost friends. All the studenty jazz you can possibly imagine.
And here I am now. 22, happy explorer, still passionate about Glasgow and everything it can offer, from cool colours of buildings, to accidental gigs I had a chance to film, to chips and curry sauce I crave when tipsy. I still love traveling, actually I think it is my only cure for the times of existential crisis or stress. I still love food, but our relationship is so weird, that I enjoy cheese toastie just as much as I do adore those homemade dinners my boyfriend's parents cook. I take tones of pictures and have a collection of tiny sugar packets from all over the world. I keep trying new things and discovering my interests, not because I am still searching for myself, but because I am utterly fulfilled with my life choices, from university degree to those perfectly fitted jeans I got in H&M a few months ago.
I am now happily graduate from the greatest University (or so I think) and pursuing my career in yet another beautiful place in Scotland - Edinburgh. Astonishingly beautiful, it is also very vibrant and busy (especially during the Fringe!). It is here, my inner explorer is cheering and getting up to things of all sorts - yet a new place to fall in love with!
I am a lucky girl in all senses and I would like to share some of my life with you. Here is a dose of traveling, Glasgow/Edinburgh exploring, great foods and drinks I try and other little bits that excite me so much I want to share it!
Now, aren't you just a hero for reading that all?x

Feel free to contact me: patricija.lisovskaja@gmail.com


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